Important preliminary information

When you are abroad, there are always a few things to keep in mind. What appears perfectly normal in one country may be offensive or even forbidden in another country because of the country's cultural background, religion or history. It is similar in the Maldives.

Who wants to understand the ideals and ideas of the people of the Maldives, must know that the state religion and the generally practiced religion in the country is the Islam. Humans are tolerant and cosmopolitan, as common in the tourism industry in Muslim countries. And yet, there are some case to keep in mind, even out of consideration for the views and custom of the people in this country.

Clothes and swimwear on indigenous islands

Shoulders and knees should be covered for women.
There is a beach section on Keyodhoo where bathing and sunbathing in swimwear is possible.
For excursions to uninhabited islands, as well as on our boats or within the house wearing swimwear or shorts, etc. are of course possible.

Alcohol, drugs and pork
The consum of alcohol and pork is prohibited in the Maldives. Alcohol may be served only in tourist resorts.
In our guesthouse, on an inhabited island by locals, no alcohol will be served and consumed. The importation and use of drugs are also strictly prohibited!

Tip is expected.

Travel pharmacy

There are some medications that you should not forget at home if you want to make vacation in the Maldives. First and foremost, these are the means that you should take with you on every holiday - but you might need some of these especially urgently. Here is a short list of the most important medicines and things for your first-aid kit:


Medicine for diarrhea
Medicine for stomach upset and cramps
Medicine for fever and pain
Cream against mosquito bites
Mosquito repellent spray

After Suncream
Allergy tablets

Personal medicine / prescription medicine

The leaf fish guesthouse team wishes you a pleasant journey and a fantastic stay.